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Marc Gravely Weighs in with Texas Lawbook on Texas Business Court Backlash

The Texas Legislature is considering some controversial measures that would create a new system of trial and appellate courts dedicated solely to multi-million-dollar business disputes.

One of those measures, House Bill 19, is facing major opposition from leaders of the Texas Association of Defense Counsel, Texas Trial Lawyers Association and TEX-ABOTA over claims that the plan violates the Texas Constitution.

TEX-ABOTA member Marc Gravely told The Texas Lawbook that the business courts would tip the scale towards the insurance industry in lawsuits involving Texas companies. He said it’s telling that the TADC is opposed to the business courts plans, even though many of its members often represent insurers in these kinds of high-dollar cases.

“The fact that they’re against it doesn’t mean they’re breaking with the industry, it means they’re standing for what’s right,” said Gravely.

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