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Samsung Challenges Insurance Industry Playbook in $400M Claim Dispute 

By Marc Gravely AS PUBLISHED IN THE TEXAS LAWBOOK A $400 million insurance recovery action filed by Samsung Austin Semiconductor is shining a light on the playbook that insurance companies rely upon to create an unfair advantage in claim disputes.  While the damages in this case are eye-popping, the allegations in the lawsuit paint a picture […]

The 5 Most Common Issues Detected During Post-Project Construction Audits 

Project owners often believe that once a construction project is completed, their problems are over. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Construction defects that result in multimillion dollar losses can manifest several years after completion. And in the case of large institutional projects like schools and hospitals, deficiencies can cause unacceptable increased costs of […]

Marc Gravely Discusses the Future of America’s Infrastructure on the ‘Construction Genius’ Podcast

Marc Gravely discussed the importance of infrastructure development on America’s construction industry during a recent episode of the Construction Genius podcast.   The episode, “Transforming America’s Infrastructure: A Journey from Decline to Revival with Marc Gravely,” featured a conversation about what Mr. Gravely believes is broken about the country’s infrastructure and what he believes can be […]

Marc Gravely Featured in Texas Lawbook on Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Underpay Claims

Texas Lawbook has published an article by Marc Gravely that highlights the tactics insurers use to gain an unfair advantage in claim disputes. The article, “Samsung Challenges Insurance Industry Playbook in $400M Claim Dispute,” details a recent lawsuit by Samsung Austin Semiconductor that accuses FM Global of trying to minimize its coverage obligations. The lawsuit, […]