Texas Lawbook talks with Marc Gravely

Late-Hour Settlement Scuttles SCOTX Challenge to Insurance Industry’s Unfair Advantage in Texas Damage Disputes – Robert Tharp, September 29th 2022 Late-Hour Settlement Scuttles SCOTX Challenge to Insurance Industry’s Unfair Advantage in Texas Damage DisputesWhen a last-minute settlement nixed a closely watched concurrent-causation insurance dispute known as Overstreet v. Allstate, Texas Lawbook reporter Michelle Casady turned to Marc […]

5 Key Strategies from The White House Initiative to Advance Building Codes

The Administration Proposes Measures to Make America’s Built Environments More Resilient – Marc Gravely, June 9th 2022   As the Atlantic hurricane season began, the White House announced the launch of an initiative to make built environments across the nation greener and more resilient. The National Initiative to Advance Building Codes has introduced an ambitious program to upgrade […]

The Era of Green Infrastructure

– Marc Gravely, April 22nd 2022 As storm intensity and floods increase, urban expansion is putting U.S. infrastructure at risk. According to a 2021 American Society of Civil Engineers report, stormwater floods lead to $9 billion in damages annually. As hurricane Katrina eloquently demonstrated, seawalls are not the solution to preventing floods. Green infrastructure is our only hope […]

U.S. Bridges: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen

– Marc Gravely, March 5th 2022 Humans have been building bridges since Neolithic times. In the 21st century, as we prepare to colonize other planets, one would think the most powerful nation in the world would have perfected the technology enough to ensure that our bridges are safe. That is, unfortunately, not the case. There are […]

America’s Unsafe Schools

– March 1st 2022 It’s no secret that the infrastructure of America’s schools is largely unsafe and outdated. The pandemic has highlighted the need for better ventilation systems, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. According to a 2016 report, we should be investing about 33 percent more annually to keep U.S. schools […]

Can I Sue My Insurance Company for Denying My Metal Roof Hail Damage Claim?

– Marc Gravely, April 28th 2021 Many Texas residents are stunned to hear that their insurance policy will not cover metal roof replacement or dent repair after a major hailstorm. Maybe a Texas insurance agent sold you a policy claiming to cover hail dents and wind damage – and is now refusing payment. Many Texans ask us […]

5 Common Issues Detected During Post Project Construction Audits

– Marc Gravely, March 24th 2021 Construction projects involve many risks for building owners. From pre-project preparation through post-construction audits, you must take many precautions to ensure the job is done efficiently and on budget. Construction defects can result in multimillion-dollar losses. In the case of large institutional projects like schools and hospitals, deficiencies can cause unacceptable […]