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Business Litigation

We know that an aggressive and proactive approach to resolving complex high-stakes commercial disputes starts with meticulous and deep preparation. In our experience, a litigator fully prepared for trial favorably settles more matters than those who take a more conciliatory approach. Where no resolution is possible, we are ready for trial.

Gravely stands up for businesses against illegal business practices and misconduct of corporations of every sort, from lenders to competitors and beyond.

We work on a contingency basis, so you pay us nothing unless we win.

Beyond our construction defect and insurance recovery practice, we represent large Texas commercial property owners in real estate finance disputes, as well as in transactions that go awry due to the misconduct or legal transgressions of lenders, developers, investors and others in the real estate sphere.

Business competition is a key aspect of the commercial landscape — it benefits consumers, shareholders and society as a whole. However, when competition crosses the line into illegal business practices or commercial misconduct, business leaders need to take action. Whether a competitor is a massive national firm or a local business competing unfairly, our experienced litigators know the rules and realities of legal actions against competitors.

When the business practices or illegal conduct of a large corporation harms large numbers of people or companies in a substantially similar way, often a class-action lawsuit is the best option for those harmed. By gathering victims with similar rights into one lawsuit (a class action), the victim group can focus resources on taking on a typically vastly larger opponent, efficiently and effectively.

U.S. business operates in a complex commercial ecosystem, and disputes are as varied as the types of companies and sectors. However, an extensive body of law has developed to address almost every situation where businesses, their leaders or shareholders, vendors, customers and others conduct their activities. Gravely business litigators know the law, as well its practical effects, in nearly every commercial circumstance and can aggressively pursue your rights in any Texas location.

Commercial fraud occurs when commercial activity by an individual or company crosses the line to intentional, reckless or conspiratorial misdeeds to obtain an unfair business advantage. That’s just one cause of action within what is broadly called a “business tort.” In many of these actions, your recovery can be for more than just the full measure of the financial losses; in some instances, an offending company can be held liable for collateral or even punitive damages. These cases are typically complex and a strong focus area of the Gravely practice.

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