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– Joe. K. Longley, Past President, State Bar of Texas

About Gravely PC

The veteran attorneys at Gravely PC are dedicated and powerful advocates for project owners, boards of directors, governmental entities, community associations and HOAs in construction defect and insurance coverage disputes.

With a proprietary pre-suit resolution process and a contingency fee structure, the team has earned multimillion-dollar recoveries in construction defect and policy coverage litigation involving commercial, mixed-use, multiunit residential, high-rise and taxpayer-funded projects.

Our experienced team levels the field in legal disputes to maximize returns, ensuring that projects are resilient, built to last and free from defects.

Our clients include:

  • Retirement communities 
  • HOAs 
  • Condominium boards 
  • Hospitals and medical buildings 
  • Hotels
  • Apartments/multifamily 
  • Public-sector structures and projects 
  • School districts and charter schools 
  • Public and private universities 
  • Municipal buildings 
  • State and county government facilities 
  • Public hospitals 
  • County jails

The Gravely Method

An aggressive and proactive approach to resolving complex, high-stakes commercial disputes starts with meticulous and deep preparation.

The Gravely team responds quickly, investigates meticulously, and demands and expects prompt full compensation promptly from responsible parties. If delayed or denied, we respond aggressively and effectively.

Too often, construction contractors, design professionals and insurance companies enjoy a distinct advantage in defect and claim litigation. The insurance and construction industries rely on the fact that owners view these disputes as costly, time-consuming and a distraction from the bottom line. Experience in this area not only matters — it’s critical to success.

As commercial contingency lawyers, Gravely PC bears litigation costs on the front end. The firm’s team of construction experts performs an on-site physical audit to identify the complete measure of damage and the specific defective work and/or system. What went wrong and when? How did it go wrong? Is there any related damage to other parts of the facility? The Gravely team answers these and 50 other questions to prepare the strongest possible claim from the outset.

Our veteran lawyers practice at the intersection of appellate law and construction and insurance litigation. The firm staffs all litigation for appeal, ensuring that every case is positioned to capitalize on rulings at every level, all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas. In addition to benefitting clients directly, the firm’s appellate work has resulted in lasting court opinions that have preserved the rights of policyholders in claim disputes and property owners in defect litigation.

Construction Defects

Insurance Recovery

Business Litigation

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