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Commercial Roof Warranty Disputes

In this short video, Texas attorney Marc Gravely offers an overview of roof warranty problems and related legal options.


One of the biggest complaints we hear from our school district clients is complaints about their roof warranties and damages that never seem to be covered by the roof warranty.

The roof warranty is a document, or the idea of a document or warranty given to a school district after the construction of a building or after a new roof is put on. It’s one of the biggest frustrations for superintendents that we’ve run into, and it happens so many times every year.

The roof warranty is a really curious thing because the warranty is given to you typically after the roof is put on or after construction. It’s not explained to you, there’s a lot of fine print, and the promises just never seem to line up with what the problems with the roof are.

The problems we see typically with roofs include leaky roofs, of course. Sometimes the roofs aren’t installed properly. They’re not installed as per manufacturer specifications, and sometimes the manufacturer just won’t honor the warranty, and neither will the general contractor. Other times, the general contractor or the roofing manufacturer will repeatedly send out a roofing company, and it just never seems to quite fix things. It never quite seems to line up with the promises that you got when you bought the roof or when you built the building.

Roofs are million dollar items. They are multimillion dollar parts of the building that should function along with the rest of the building. More often than not, the warranties that are issued after the fact are chockfull of limitations and legal doubletalk and gotchas.

I can tell you that I haven’t met a superintendent or an owner that feels like they really ever got their full value out of their warranty when all is said and done.

So if you have a problem with your roof warranty and it’s not being serviced as you think it should be or it’s nearing its end, or if you just want a no-cost evaluation of what your roof warranty covers and what the manufacturer or the general contactor are supposed to be doing to honor the roof warranty, call us or go to our website and fill out a questionnaire. You can call us for a no-cost evaluation of your roof warranty and the promises made and the circumstances surrounding whether or not you’re entitled to more money under your roof warranty.