Texas Metal Roof Damage Claims

Complete Guide to Cosmetic Damage Exclusions and Insurance Recovery

Knowing your rights as an insurance policyholder and understanding the steps necessary to maximize your insurance payout in a metal roof damage claim will ensure you receive the coverage you were promised.

Metal roof owners pay thousands of dollars in insurance premiums each year for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their valuable property and assets will remain secure should damage strike. Yet when a Texas hailstorm arrives, insurance companies flatly avoid paying metal roof damage claims to hundreds of deserving property owners, offering little to no coverage in an attempt to maximize profits.

Unfortunately with the rise in insurance purchases online, many property owners shop purely on cost savings assuming most major insurance policies offer similar coverage - this is not the case. Many Texas owners accept insurance claim denials for metal roof damage at face value without fighting for just coverage. Learn more about how to maximize your metal roof damage claim.

Texas Metal Roof Damage Claims | Complete Guide to Cosmetic Damage Exclusions and Insurance Recovery

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  • Metal Roof
    Systems 101
  • Types of Metal
    Roof Damages
  • Metal Roof
    Insurance Coverage
  • Bad Faith
    Insurance Claims
“Quality, convincing laboratory evidence helps maximize the settlement value. While the owner accepts the risk of having a panel extracted from their metal roof for lab analysis, the resulting reports can be invaluable in maximizing payment by demonstrating that the damage is indeed covered under the insurance policy. Insurance defense attorneys prefer to fight cases where the property owner cannot produce concrete evidence of functional damage.”

A Homeowner’s
Quick and Easy Reference Guide for

  • 1

    Legal rights of Texas
    property owners and policyholders

  • 2

    Basics of Texas metal roof
    insurance and policy exclusions

  • 3

    Steps to filing a
    metal roof damage claim

  • 4

    How to maximize your
    policy benefits compensation 

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