Contingency Fees

Gravely offers a contingency fee arrangement on most cases. Our agreement in such cases will be detailed and in writing complying with State Bar of Texas requirements. In general a contingency fee is our agreement with you that Gravely will not collect a fee unless we win your case or otherwise resolve the matter to your satisfaction. As part of this agreement we advance all out-of-pocket costs, also at our risk, and recover those only upon winning the case in court or otherwise resolving the matter in a manner acceptable to you.

Reframing America’s Infrastructure

Marc Gravely exposes a horrifically flawed U.S. infrastructure then offers both an inspiring call to action and his ruins to renaissance playbook to secure the robust economic and societal future possible at this unique moment.

Owner's Guide to Construction Quality Audits
Owner’s Guide to Construction Quality Audits
Capturing Value with Post-Construction Quality Control
Construction Defect Claims for Schools
Vol 1
7 Step Guide to Making Construction Defect Claims for Schools

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