Owner’s Guide to Construction Quality Audits

Capturing Value with Post-Construction Quality Control

Extensive repairs and maintenance costs due to defective materials, poor workmanship, or flawed design can cost building Owners and responsible parties way more than they bargained.

Owners cannot be certain they have received the full value owed under their project without a quality audit. 

Experienced building Owners understand the immense value potential of post-construction Quality Audits. Just as detailed project preparation and diligent quality control during construction are essential, the post-construction Quality Audit is paramount to capturing maximum value from any building project. 

Whether you have recently completed a project or are preparing to break ground, it is important to 1) optimize your post-construction Quality Audit, 2) understand your rights as a private property owner or public entity and, 3) become familiar with your options under Texas Construction Law.

Construction Quality Audits

What's in the eBook?

  • Post-Construction
    Quality Audit Overview
  • Pre-Construction
  • What to Do if You
    Suspect a Construction Defect
  • Tips to Ensure a
    Superior Quality Audit
“What many owners don’t realize is that a significant portion of a construction project’s value is captured in the months and years after completion – via the Quality Audit. Without Quality Audits conducted in intervals after completion of construction, companies cannot be certain they have received the full value owed under their contract.”

A Building Owner’s
Quick and Easy Reference Guide for

  • 1

    Maximizing value via the
    post-construction Quality Audit

  • 2

    Important post-project
    considerations for building Owners

  • 3

    Legal rights of Texas
    property Owners and public entities

  • 4

    Steps to ensure a superior,
    detailed quality audit

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