7 Step Guide to Making

Construction Defect Claims for Hospitals

Are you facing expensive setbacks due to defective materials, poor workmanship, or flawed designs at your Hospital?

You have the right to recover costs of repair.

With baby boomers entering retirement and a current population explosion, Texas has erected a remarkable number of hospitals and medical centers over the past 10 years. This explosion in healthcare construction has happened despite the limited amount of skilled labor available to handle the load. 

Unfortunately, this often leads to improper building design, poor systems manufacture and function, and shoddy installation—causing the healthcare organization to deal with cases of inflated energy costs, building code violations, thousands in repair bills, and more importantly, the efficient or cost-effective operation of its physical facilities. However, with the right legal strategies, you can recover costs of repair and/or increase maintenance. Learn more. 

Hospital Construction Defect Claims

What's in the eBook?

  • Common Types of
    Hospital Construction Defects
  • Property Types &
    Statutes of Limitations
  • 7 Steps to a Successful
    Construction Defects Claim
  • Costs &
  • Construction Defects
    Claims Strategies
“Costs of repair and energy costs resulting from construction defects can be excessive and devastating. In many cases, property owners may not realize the true extent of the monetary damages involved. An experienced construction defects attorney will help you identify all potential losses caused by construction negligence, breach of contract, or other violation. ”

A Hospital Owner Owner’s
Quick and Easy Reference Guide for

  • 1

    Legal rights of Texas property
    owners and public entities

  • 2

    Basics of Texas
    construction law

  • 3

    Steps to pursue a
    construction dispute claim

  • 4

    How to maximize your recovery for
    costs of repair and other damages

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