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Gravely lawyers help schools, universities, hospitals, private businesses, local and state governments, and other entities recover compensation when their insurance company has incorrectly disputed, wrongly delayed, or even fraudulently denied their property damage claim.

We’ve developed a proprietary pre-suit resolution process designed to bring about a timely and complete recovery for our clients in insurance bad faith cases. However, when litigation becomes necessary, our meticulous case preparation and extensive knowledge of all manner of insurance policies allows us to take on massive insurance companies and their armies of lawyers quite successfully.

If you’ve suffered financial loss because of your insurance company’s failure to pay your claim, Gravely attorneys can help.

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Texas Insurance Bad Faith Law Firm

Is your insurance company disputing, delaying, or denying your property damage claim?

Have you taken a financial blow because of your insurance company’s actions or inaction?

When an insurance company acts in its own interests at the expense of its policyholders, this is known as bad faith. Under the Texas Insurance Code, the most common acts of bad faith can include:

  • Intentional underpayment of a loss
  • Intentional under-investigation of a loss
  • Wrongful denial of a claim
  • Not including all damaged property in a payment
  • Not following expert recommendations

Insurance companies know that owners are most vulnerable after extreme weather, a natural disaster, or an accident damages their property. Unfortunately, this is also when insurance companies are likely to take advantage of their policy holders.

Bad faith disputes often arise in the wake of a catastrophe, such as:

  • Hurricanes: Property owners in Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Houston, and other parts of the Gulf Coast know all too well the harm that a hurricane can cause. When a hurricane hits, insurance companies are required to address all physical losses and repairs, including roof and shingle damage, roofs blown off entirely, wind damage to windows and seals, brick wall issues, and any associated water damage. Under the terms of most policies, insurance companies are required to pay for all of these losses. 
  • Floods: Flooding associated with hurricanes or other natural disasters is typically covered under the National Flood Insurance Program, administered by the federal government. Because of this, private insurance companies frequently blame as much damage as possible on flooding to shift the obligation to pay to the government. If your insurer is trying to avoid paying for damage that’s covered under their policy, an insurance bad faith lawyer can help you hold them accountable.
  • Fires: When a fire is a partial loss, insurers most commonly try to slither out of paying for smoke damage, which can contaminate the entire building through the HVAC system. HVAC experts say that contaminated ducts must be removed and replaced, but insurance companies often refuse to pay for these necessary repairs. Insurers also commonly refuse to replace drywall and other building material that’s been wetted by fire sprinklers or the fire department actions. Instead, insurance companies often say the material just needs to be dried out, knowing full well that moisture can lead to serious building problems down the line.
  • Wind: A typical wind policy covers damage caused directly by wind, including torqued roofs, shingle damage, and broken windows and window seals. The policy should also cover damage caused by wind-driven rain, which creates an opening in the building through which water enters. When wind damage occurs, insurance companies often claim that it was caused by an existing construction defect in the building, which typically is simply not true. Even if construction is defective, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a covered cause of loss under your policy.
  • Hail: In a split second, hail can cause significant property damage. Hail damages roofs, causing breaches and water leaks that can decrease the useful life of the roof over time. HVAC units can be affected as well, since hail damage can diminish their functional capacity and drive up air conditioning costs. Insurance companies are required to cover any and all damage caused by hail, from seemingly simple damage to extensive more complex issues.
  • Tornados: After a tornado, insurance companies frequently dispute the amount of wind damage that occurred and whether or not damaged material needs to be removed and replaced. Insurance companies tend to “overlook” broken window seals—one of the most common coverable tornado losses – because the only way to fix a broken seal is to remove and replace the window unit. When a window is removed, it almost always reveals moisture due to rain that accompanied the tornado – another physical loss the insurer must cover and often doesn’t unless they are forced to do so.
  • Wrongful or negligent conduct: A lit cigarette, a sink left on too long, or a kitchen fire can quickly lead to extensive property damage. Accidents happen, and your insurance company is required to pay for any physical losses caused by them. As long as the damage was triggered by a genuine accident, it’s covered under your policy.

Insurance policies require the insurer to pay for losses promptly after a disaster, yet many insurance companies do everything in their power to avoid paying up. They count on the fact that policyholders will be forced into accepting low-ball payments eventually.

When the policyholder is a business entity, insurance companies are also supposed to pay business interruption losses to prevent the failure of the business. But many insurance companies intentionally delay this payment to pressure policy holders into taking less than they’re owed. 

Gravely lawyers specialize in taking on bad faith insurers and helping property owners recover the damages and payment they’re entitled to under their policy.

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In Texas, some of the largest and most well-known insurance companies have been involved in bad faith litigation, including:

  • Lexington Insurance
  • AIG
  • Travelers
  • Hartford
  • Chubb
  • Union Standard
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Philadelphia
  • Tokio Marine

Bad faith insurers use a variety of tactics to save or make money at the expense of their policy holders. Insurance companies rely on “independent” adjusters and experts to evaluate claims, but more often than not, these hardly-independent adjusters interpret losses in the insurance company’s favor.

Another common strategy of bad faith insurance companies is intentionally stalling payment. Each time an insurance company requests more information from a policyholder to make a claim decision, the company’s deadline is extended. Bad faith insurers use this provision to their advantage by continually asking for more information, or asking for information that has already been provided – it is shocking how long they can stretch our claims using this ruse. When it reaches the level of “shocking”, that is bad faith.

If you think your insurance company is wrongfully evaluating your claim, intentionally delaying payment, or using another unscrupulous tactic to prevent you from receiving what you’re owed, you may have a viable bad faith claim.

Contact Gravely for a free case evaluation to learn your options. If we take your case, you pay nothing unless we win. 

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What Sets Gravely Lawyers Apart

Advance Preparation – Insurance companies have an army of lawyers at their disposal, and they have a well-earned reputation for ruthlessness. From the first moment of any case where insurance bad faith is apparent, we take an aggressive approach and prepare as if we will stand up against these lawyers in the courtroom. This proactive approach not only puts our clients in the best position for litigation, but it often enables a quick resolution with a full recovery.

Insurance Expertise – Insurance companies often hide behind massive and complex policy language and terms, but Gravely lawyers know the law and bad faith insurers’ strategies inside and out. We have experience with all types of policies and losses, and we can confidently pursue the maximum financial damages available in your case. Our methodical preparation and deep experience with bad faith litigation allows us to resolve insurance disputes efficiently and we do this on a contingency basis.

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